Face your storms where they can hit you full force. 
Sounds a little corny, but it’s my nr. 1 one rule to deal with emotional stuff. In my case,
it means going to the mountains, obviously.
I had one of these situations this summer. But, lucky me, it didn’t go as i expected it.
Sometimes you get lucky and the storm dissolves  by itself, against all logic. 
Gotta be honest, its the very first time i had the luck that an emotional story just disapeared like this, out of nowhere. Especially one that i dragged around for years.
And i should know, because i had to handle something similar years ago, while traveling in Nepal for two months. And it wasn’t fun at all haha.
Enjoy the peace of mind. 
Yes, thats exactly what you do when everything is finally at peace. You enjoy the shit out of it :D
But don't get too comfortable for too long .
At least i can't. I have too many ideas swirling around at any time. So many things i want to see, learn and do. So as soon as my batteries are full, i gather my mind, to move on.
Embrace the new winds.
Closing this chapter, felt like closing the last unsolved story of my 20s. Yes yes, corny again, but that doesn’t make it less true. Funny how this happened just two months before my 30th birthday. However, it feels great. Entering my 30s, feels great. Being motivated as hell to attack all my new ideas, feels great. 
So yes, thats it, ready for all the new stuff at the horizon -
with a heavy focus on conservation projects. 
And who knows, maybe i’ll finally make it to something like a normal paycheck when corona is over haha.

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