My name is Vincent Grand
I'm an illustrator & graphic designer, with basics in motion design, expanding.
My studio is based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.
I'm co-founder of the Hyperraum collective. The space where we create all kind of design like branding, event communication, campaigns, information and motion design, as well as editorial design and artworks. |

If you have any questions, hit me up! 
I'm open for commissions.
About the creator:
Vincent is a graphic designer "EFZ" from Switzerland. He has 6 years of experience in different advertising & marketing agencies. In 2011 he co-founded the creative collective "Hyperraum" which translates to Hyperspace. In 2017 they took it to the next level and founded the professional graphic design and illustration agency, "Hyperraum KLG".
Besides work he is always restless when it comes to do his own creative projects. The focus often lies on manual illustration on paper with all kind of techniques. Or learning motion design, 2D & 3D.
An important focus he gives himself for the future, is to work as much as possible for conservation projects. All around the world.
Whenever he takes a break from everything, Vincent spends his time in nature. Camping somewhere in the mountains, or hiking in distant countries along trails for endless days. His Canon 5Dmk4 never leaves his side during these adventures.
PS: Don’t talk shit about Star Wars in his presence. Except for episode 8 & 9, but these movies don’t exist anyway.
GREIS Comic "Hünd i parkierte Outos, Kosmos Vertikal N°1 - 5 & N°7 - 10, Dévaloir Magazine, Fin Magazine.
Fumetto Comic Festival - Satellit exhibition: 2022 | Burgergemeinde Bern: 2020 | Comicfest basel: 2020 | Fumetto Comic Festival: 2012-2019 | Lokal-Int: 2012-2019 | Fumetto Comic Festival / Small Press Heaven 2012-2019 | Sattelkammer Bern: 2015 |  Joli Mois de Mai, Biel/Bienne: 2014

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